Knots Commercial and Administrative Complex

Knots Commercial and Administrative Complex by Mika Partners
Mika Knots

The location of the Mika Knots building at the intersection of Mirdamad and Jordan streets, which are the administrative and commercial heart of Tehran, has made this complex one of the best choices for companies looking for a luxury building with special facilities. The building has 9 parking floors, 1 ground floor with commercial use, and 10 floors on the ground with an area of 6400 m2. The complex is currently under construction by the Mika partners and will come into operation in 2021.



Mika 911 Office Complex

Mika 911 Office Complex Photo by Parham Raoufi

Mika 911

Mika 911 Commercial Office Building, located on Nos. 9 and 11, Arash Blvd., Mandela St.- an area with a high concentration of office use – is built on 15 floors with 5 floors underground. The location of the Mika 911 building between Iraj St. and Arash Blvd. has provided a simultaneous view of the north and south in each unit.

A commercial space with an area of 730 m2 has been designed on the ground floor, the entrance of which has been installed separately for the comfort of office users



Allied Consolidated Office in Mika 911 Office Complex

Enjoy Life in Mika 911 Office Complex

( This album has been taken in 2019 till 2021 )

Panamera Residential Building

Mika Panamera Photo by Parham Raoufi

Mika Panamera

Darrous is one of the main streets of the Shemiranat neighborhood, which is surrounded by tall plane trees. Urbanization in this neighborhood is about a century old. Mika partners chose the Darrous neighborhood for the Mika Panamera project in 2016 due to its residential texture, pleasant climate, and observance of modern urban planning principles.

Panamera Tower, which is one of the most luxurious residential complexes in Tehran today, was put into operation in 2020 in 12 floors and 29 residential units.

Isfahan Zinc Smelting Company

Isfahan Zinc Smelting Industries Photography by Parham Raoufi

Isfahan Zinc Smelting Company (IZSC)

IZSC  Zinc  smelting Company started its manufacturing  activities in 1998 .  It  is located in Isfahan  .The aim is  to  produce  all different kinds  of  specialized  Zinc  Ingots  in relation with  the consumer’s  industrial  needs  and  specifications . Being a world. class company , creating value and the  best  quality is the vision of  IZSC

Mika Residential Twin Towers

Mika Residential Twin Towers Construction Photo by Parham Raoufi
Mika Twin Towers

Mika Twin Towers can be considered an urban symbol of District 5 of Tehran. The tower has 196 units on 22 floors, in addition to 1024 meters of useful commercial space with special architecture, which has connected the 6th to 13th floors of the two towers. These floors are suspended. Other amenities of this complex include a fifty-person cinema, a meeting hall with an area of 450 m2, a sports and water complex, etc. The complex is under construction at the intersection of Hakim and Bakri highways.