Paramedia Time Lapse will be operated by NIKON and CANON DSLR cameras. These systems will have the ability to control remotely and depending on the needs of the project will have the ability to replace wide, telephoto, or normal lenses and the output quality of these boxes is very high and have the ability to print large format. Paramedia Studio, with several years of experience in producing teasers and documenting construction projects, announces its readiness for a free consultation for your projects.

Time Lapse is a photography system that shoots the project at regular intervals from a fixed angle. At the end of the project, it puts these photos together to provide a complete video of the project implementation process in a short time. Paramedia Studio has succeeded in designing this system completely using professional DSLR cameras with 8K quality and small computers can also access any image online. All of the photos are automatically posted on the website immediately after photography, i.e. a professional photo of time-lapse camera positions is uploaded on the website every minute of the day and night. These cameras are installed in the best place for a long time after evaluating the project site and take regular photos of the work procedure. It may be a large project and the quadrangle of the project requires time-lapse photography (although several time-lapse cameras are installed in a much bigger project such as an airport or freeway), all cameras are connected directly to the website, and photos are posted there immediately.