Visual Documentation

Mine Photography by Parham Raoufi


Documentation is used as a key to knowledge management and includes the process of identifying, collecting, and providing records such as photographs, videos, and time lapse to the public which is associated with the project history. Paramadia Studio provides the required information to its customers by considering the significance of documentation throughout the project life cycle and most importantly the efficiency of visual information at every stage.


The importance of Visual Documentation 

Providing visual documentation for construction project is critical for the success of project. The challenges faced by technical teams are not completely under control, but the speed and intensity of the work can specifically affect such teams. The complexity of projects increases the probability of errors in technical operations and the slightest mistakes causes exponential losses to the employer. In order to solve this problem, visual documentation can be used to increase coordination between project members, optimize work efficiency, and optimize work efficiency instead of using a large number of project team members and subcontractors involved in a single project. In addition, the re-waste of costs can be prevented. Documenting a project from the beginning to the end of each stage is effective and necessary to guide the inherent complexity in basic processes.