Documentary Film Production and Video Report


  • Report video

The films and teasers prepared monthly or quarterly reports of project activities are uploaded in this section and archived regularly. By clicking on the playback of each clip, you can be informed of the video report on the latest status of the project at that time. The amount of conducted work, the number of personnel, obstacles, problems, etc. are usually mentioned in report clips.

  • Thematic clip

Unlike the clips and teasers of a report which are prepared for a certain period of time for all project activities, thematic videos focus on a specific activity regardless of the duration of the execution. For instance, the issue of excavation is one of the significant issues of construction projects, and in the excavation film, all of its issues are addressed, including when it started, how much volume was taken, and how reinforcements were made, and statistical information and problems were raised. In thematic clips, an expert usually recounts the activity of the issues and the existing images are used.

  • Documentary film

In a documentary clip, the activities are normally documented without any confrontations. A long documentary is usually prepared and given to the employer at the end of the year or at the end of the project.

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