I was born in Arak in 1991. My interest in photography dates back to my childhood, when my uncle worked as Hamshahri Newspaper’s photographer and also had a personal studio. I often paid zealous visits to his photography studio to satisfy my curiosity about a negative and how it got printed. My father was a mount-climber as well as a photographer, and the presence of a camera in our house meant a double invitation to taking photos. I started photography with negatives and my father’s Zenit at age ten. And my first experience was taking photographs of landscapes during family trips. The first film roll was, however, not that satisfactory for me! There was a total frame burn, because the film roll had been overexposed to light through a crack in the camera. After photographing landscapes, I turned to historical monuments of Iran. During high school, I won the first position of a photography contest in our district. Then I was admitted to a major in Information Technology, but quit it later on to wholeheartedly focus on my hobby-horse, which was photography, and pursued it as a professional career. At the beginning, I took photographs for photo magazines and was poorly paid. As I gradually broadened my experience in architectural and promotional photography with the help of my masters, I slogged my way through the profession. You can find my CV, related documents, certificates and patents in the following pages, and get familiar with the genres of my photographs.


The beauty of crossing lines has always pleased me: lines that create geometrical forms can reach aesthetic sublimity in the buildings, either historical or modern, that have often attracted my attention to their visual and artistic features. I am so interested in these buildings’ allure that architectural photography has constituted my major interest and favorite genre. What follows is a selection of my photographs in this genre.


Promotional photography has been one of my favorite photographic genres. It could be said that the promotional genre is one of the most creative types of photography. Producers always seek the best methods for presenting their products and this demands strenuous efforts on the side of promotional photographers to address the needs and expectations of their customers. What follows is a selection of my photographs in this genre.


Photographing landscapes has been a way of expressing my love and gratitude towards the planet earth. I often feel overjoyed by earthly wonders, and what is more beautiful than documenting these beauties with photographs. All these photos are taken in beautiful Iran every spot of which offers dazzling moments for every photographer.


This is perhaps one of the most difficult genres of photography, as the ability to communicate with different subject is considered its first and most important prerequisite. My objective in this genre is to document the momentary feelings of my subjects. It might be a moment of euphoria or agony, or just a bitter smile. If I can express such emotions through my photos, I can regard it a turning point in my career.


I started my career with photo negatives. At a time when digital cameras were not prevalent yet, I took photos with my father’s analog camera and negatives. Having received proper instruction from my uncle – who owned his own studio – I could print my first film roll with great joy. After many years, I still carry my analog camera in my trips to keep that joyful memory alive.


Here you can view my patents and certificates the most important of which is an Art Certificate issued by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


Of the most enjoyable activities I have experiences in the last two years are perhaps my voluntary collaboration with charity NGOs like MAHAK (society to support children suffering from cancer) and Hemophilia Organization of Iran.


I started my career with producing photographic content for periodicals, and am still doing so. In the following section, you can find a sample of my photographs printed in the international VIVA Magazine. Expressing altruism through my profession is a personal duty for me and I thank God for the opportunity and the honor of public service.