Specialized Photography

Isfahan Zinc Smelting Industries Photography by Parham Raoufi

Project Progress or Report Photography:

Report photography in construction projects is one of the best methods of project documentation that ParaMadia Studio with several years of experience in this field will categorize and archive these photos upon the request so that they can be referred to at any time.

Industrial photography:

Industrial photography is a branch of photography which has no place without creativity. Creativity in terms of angle, light and technique. ParaMedia Studio with many years of experience in this field will take photos of your products or services and will show your product or service in the best way.

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Architectural photography:

Architectural photography is not an easy task. Anyone struggling to master architectural photography for Instagram can come up with a technique for creating the images which are more than just a documentary of the building. The results can be exciting, dynamic, and completely beautiful. The advantages of architectural photography are perfect; It allows people to obtain a visual understanding of the buildings they may never have the opportunity to see in their lifetime and also create a valuable resource which allows us to show our architectural projects.

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Aerial photography:

Aerial photography is one of the best options for showing the progress of the project, which can indicate the generality of the project well with a photo. We attempt to show your projects better and more accurately by having the best and most advanced facilities and aerial equipment.

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