Melli Plus Bank Branch

Melli Plus, a unique platform to enter the modern banking world

This new branch of Bank Melli Iran is a “youth-oriented” branch and its calm, cozy and dynamic environment has been designed in a way to meet the needs of the young generation. If we want to define it in some words we can say it’s a technology-oriented, youth-oriented, and consulting-oriented branch.

“Melli Plus” branches will gradually increase and cover the large and industrial centers with the aim of helping to develop modern banking infrastructure and also to present a new picture of real banking services in the modern world. It is hoped that this platform will soon become popular in all banks around the country and face-to-face banking in our beloved land will be elevated to a higher position in the near future.

This Bank Design and Implementation by Farayand Sazeh Hosam Co.


Aerial Photography by Parham Raoufi

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